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again about procrastination - Wi журнал

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October 12th, 2010

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11:16 pm - again about procrastination
copy-paste from my friend Dmitry

You've got an angel and a devil sitting on your shoulders, say, the angel sits on your right shoulder and the devil sits on your left shoulder. They both talk to you constantly. But they are not going to negotiate over your soul, nor will they ever try to make you any closer to God or any farther away. Mostly, because there is no God, and because you are - or, if you prefer, your soul is - something too small and miserable for any possible God to deal with.

The angel's and the devil's roles are pretty simple and easily understandable. The angel wants you to fulfil your destiny, to pursue your own goals, and to make you feel happy. The devil wants you to find any reason why you should not do it, to postpone your valuable actions, to move your good intentions for the better moment (which is not ever going to appear), and to compromise on your happiness.

It's all your personal choice, and it's all your personal responsibility, they are just talking, while the decisions are always yours. They both are able to sound familiar to you. Sometimes the angel speaks to you using your grandpa's voice, he knows how strong is your respect to the grandpa, and he uses it. Sometimes the devil speaks to you mimicking, say, the style of the author of the book you like and even trust. No matter whom they might mimic, they do it well.

Every moment you live they both are trying to attract your attention, but if you strain your ear, you'll recognise their voices, and you'll be even able to separate them. And you would not be surprised to find that the angel is mostly screaming, his message is clear and straight ("go do it now", "don't hesitate", "make it cool", "do no evil"), while the devil prefers to whisper or mumble ("not sure you can really manage it", "maybe it's a good start for a new week, why should you do it now?", "oh, that's really risky, avoid taking any risks"). You'll notice that the angel appeals to your conscience and tries to sharpen your mind, while the devil addresses your emotions, amplifies your weaknesses and exploits your fears.

And it's still your own choice - every time you make it.

Yeah - if anyone cares - this text was mainly about procrastination.

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Date:January 13th, 2011 03:50 am (UTC)


Прикольная статья! Буду рад читать ещё ваши новости. Пишите ещё!

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